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Janet Campbell Bradley

Janet Campbell is a Chattanooga based jeweler, sculptor, painter, gardener, and amazed admirer of nature.  She believes that adornment should embellish the existing, natural beauty present in each person.  To achieve this, she uses organic shapes and subtle finishes to create a peaceful ambiance. Precious and semi-precious materials unite in each piece, with a carefully applied patina to achieve a robust beauty with asymmetric balance that looks and feels immediately familiar yet entirely unique.  Her designs always enhance the wearer quietly and respectfully, creating a feeling unlike any other jewelry.

In her own words:

  As a jeweler, I tend to list a litany of mechanical processes not terribly inspiring to the reader but an essential part of the process.  While the act of creation is intuitive, the medium requires a conscious step-by-step process, and metal has its rules. Navigating the way through those rules (some bendable, some not) to the finished piece is part of what draws me to work with metal.

My work is individually hammered, formed, soldered, and treated with various finishing techniques. Current techniques include etching designs or photos onto brass plate (used to emboss design into the silver); reticulation (a process of creating tiny mountains and valleys on the surface) and Kum Boo (a Korean process of fusing 24-karat gold to silver. I also patina the surface adding colors that range from gunmetal gray to vivid pinks, blues and greens.


 Primarily self-taught, I first began creating jewelry from bead and wire. In 1997, I started to explore the art of silversmithing, learning various fabrication techniques and working with a torch. I have attended workshops to learn various techniques, studying under teachers such as Alan Revere, Lee Marshall, Susan Wood, Komelia Okim and Averill Shepps.

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