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Jane's Walk Miami aka #MiamiWalks

#MiamiWalks is part of a global walking movement called Jane's Walk, and your City Organizer for Miami, FL is Naomi L. Ross! These kind of walks, inspired by a writer and activist from the 1960s named Jane Jacobs, have engaged tens of thousands of people all over the world in 200+ cities since 2007. Locally in neighborhoods across Miami-Dade County - including Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Brickell, Central & East Little Havana, South Miami, North Miami, and Omni -  we have been coordinating a variety of unique, free, citizen-led walking tours where attendees can actively connect with friends and neighbors outdoors, while engaging in conversations with one another and learning more about the city they live in. The next main event weekend is May 4 - 6, 2018. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details...

Sorry, there are no upcoming events