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Jan Altman, PhD & Shawna Pfeiffer, CMS-CHt, FIBH

A message from FFRVA:


We hope you can join us in support of furthering the conversation on Functional Medicine and Integrative Healing in Central Virginia. In addition to viewing the Functional Forum video presentation each month, everyone who has joined us says they get so much value from connecting with each other. And while the presentations are always informative and engaging, strengthening connections and building community has really become a vital part of our gatherings.

Jan & Shawna 



Founders of FFRVA - Functional Forum Meetup of Richmond, VA


Jan Altman, Ph.D. believes in the power of integrative health and the body’s own ability to heal to reduce the threat of chronic illness. Jan is a psychologist and integrative health educator who partners with providers and empowers people to promote lifelong wellness through high quality nutritional supplements, low glycemic eating,  reducing exposure to toxins, and creating a healthy lifestyle and home environment.

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With a strong focus on education and the mind-body connection, Shawna Pfeiffer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and owner of Watershed Hypnotherapy, LLC, helps her clients transform their lives by unlocking patterns in their subconscious mind to free them from unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors and ease physical pain and discomfort. Using a highly personalized approach Shawna helps her clients understand the influence of the mind on their emotional and physical health. Shawna teaches them to use their minds in new ways, to support their healing and make the important and lasting changes they want to see in their lives.

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