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Jamie Nuich

Intelligent Experience. Jamie has managed 2,000+ disputes in commercial litigation, business and mediation (from $1 to $7bn, from pedestrian gripes to monster litigation). She also has equal measures of experience managing complex relationships that work well for SME businesses, in high-end corporate consulting, politics and diplomacy. By her first year in law, Jamie was appearing in court and mediations against partners/seasoned lawyers twice her age, quickly earning a formidable reputation using the very tools shared in her programs. ​She's appeared at the United Nations and traveled extensively to complete research in diplomacy and conflict, including three month stationed in the Balkans, studying the Yugoslav wars and post-war Balkan states today. ​Jamie has experience as a lecturer in ADR, is frequently asked to appear as a guest speaker at universities and government departments, being recognised with prestigious tertiary and state awards in mediation and negotiation.


Her Difference. Jamie is privately schooled in the training of the old masters: rhetoric and dialectic reasoning. She blends her training with street smarts - marrying the persuasive powers of state leaders with the grit of everyday hustles - to break down and resolve everyday human conflicts and tensions.


Her Message. Jamie is a staunch advocate for playing fair in negotiations. She teaches that you don't have to stay stuck in bad disputes unless you want to; just as teams of lawyers, lies and intimidation are not your only options to get out of bad disputes if you actually want to get out of bad disputes. She teaches that all you really need to manage disputes is good character, discernment and discipline ... and then, after that, you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve.

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