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Jade Week SF ™

Jade Week SF is happening this year from August 10-27, 2017 at US west coastal cities, including San Francisco, Bay Area, and Sacramento. Jade Week SF presents excellent jade designers, Jade Beauty spokemodels, and haute couture fashion with a gala award presentation and fine dining experiences inspired by the culture of Jade.  This nonprofit U.S. organization, spearheaded by Executive Producer, Monique Zhang, connects U.S. cities with Jade-related businesses, associations, and entities in China and Pan Pacific countries.

Jade Week SF’s vision is to be more than a market supporter and developer. Jade Week SF has created a platform to develop an international buzz for brands and bridge audiences. Jade Week SF promises to publish Jade to the public in a fashionable way and bring pleasure and unusual experiences to its audience, while influencing the luxury lifestyle market for Jade related specialists & entities; carvers, educators, jewelers, museums, collectors, and cities with rich culture of Jade throughout history.

The First Annual Jade Week SF 2017 Opening Gala is on August 10th at the Green Room across from City Hall in SF with a series of events taking place in San Francisco, Bay Area cities, and finale on Aug 27th  at the capital Sacramento. 

During Jade Week SF, majestic dining experiences will be hosted at Livermore Uncle Yu’s by the Vineyard in two tasting dates to choose from, Aug13th or Aug 14th, with wine pairing by Nick Liang and food inspired by the culture of Jade that will wow each audience with Imperial Huaiyang Yangtze Riviera cuisine China renowned Chefs, Rick Ying, Ding Dezhong, John Phung. Lastly, spa demonstrations of Jade wellness and well-being using Jade stones will be presented throughout the bay area on Jade Spa Wellness Day Aug.17th.
Jade Week SF is partnering with Rose Chung of Miss Asian Global Pageant, Joshua Bernstein of Chinatown International Fashion Week, Duane Ram of Sacramento Fashion Week, Magdalena Hamilton of Jade People, and a handful of greater San Francisco trend setters and co-producers such as Kevin Lu of Redefine, Gordon Liang of Sound Innovation, Trinity Yihong Peng of Link MKT, Erin Lu of Forest International Culture Bridge, Cat Kwok of Creative Kulture, Nick Liang of Uncle Yu's at the Vineyard, Brendan Findley of Wente Wine, Annena Sorenson from Stephan Silver, Scott Peterson from Archive Productions, Sue Wang of Nulife Derma Spa to make this annual Jade Week SF a series of landmark events. Like us on 
Facebook @ jadeweeksf

2017 Jade Week SF August Calendar

Green Room 
401 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco
12-5pm Lectures varies subject on Jade: carving, design, auction and books. 

A-listers Gala with a night filled with Jade inspired fashion and people love of Jade. 



Herbst Theater 
401 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco

The Jade Kunlun Beauties on stage, theatrical fashion short story on Jade, is told as a special segment highlighted at 2017 Miss Asian American Pageant. 



MONDAY & TUESDAY August 13 & 14
Uncle Yu at the Vineyard 
39 S Livermore Ave
Livermore, CA  94550
A two days imperial feast with wine pairing. A special ood pairing with wine tasting by senior chef Ricky Yin from Nanking China and Bay Area food wine expert Nick Liang of Uncle Yu at the Vineyard.


Jade Spa Day around the Bay

All day Jade Week SF brings you the jade facial and jade hot stone experience, Jade is known for his healing and wellness benefits, techniques are developed through history using Jade to message and redirect energy to restore unbalance and bring greater harmony to the body and mind. Workshops on Gua Sha facial technique using jade plate will be introduced at various Jade Week referred spas. Spa lovers can seek this opportunity to discover the eastern beauty treatment. (Locations to be announced at


SUNDAY Sept 24th
Jade Week Finale at the Capital 

The Center at Twenty-Three Hundred
2300 Sierra Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95825 

All celebrating guests enjoy finale gala with Jade glam that brings the ancient classic and modern chic together. Sacramento Jade Week Finale creates the most exciting afternoon of its own.

Jade & fashion showcase starts this exciting afternoon with market fashion inspired by Jade is introduced with informal modeling. Followed with a VIP reception which leads to the top China couture designers fashion show. Jade Week Peak Award presenters will award the recipients during Jade Lovers mixer after the fashion show.

With a publishing focus, Jade Week SF spotlights top carvers & designers from Asia and the US, promotes beauties as the ultimate brand spokesmodels, showcases inspired fashion of Jade and presents awards as the jade messenger to the world. All of this is to increase the awareness and deeper understanding of Jade. 

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