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Jacob's Generation

What is Jacob's Generation?

Freedom Outreach MTTM serves the military through seven auxiliary ministries which include: Family, Children, Youth, Single’s, Hispanic, Outreach Services, and Veterans Ministries. “Jacob’s Generation” (JG) is the name of the youth ministry department.


Why Jacob?  As we read the biblical story of Jacob, we see a man who was given a negative label at birth, and who lived up to his own and others low expectations.  He became the “trickster,” “heel-grabber” and “supplanter” that his name describes.  In Genesis 32, Jacob is distressed as he is forced to face the mistakes of his past.  That night, the Lord visits Jacob and wrestles with him until daybreak, when Jacob famously holds on and exclaims, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”  The Lord did bless Jacob and changed his name, his identity.  From that moment on, he became Israel. 


JG events create an environment where youth are presented the truth of God’s word and have an opportunity to interact with the Person of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, and like Jacob, to overcome the low expectations in this worldly culture find their true identity in Christ. 


What do we do?

We offer youth camps, retreats, discipleship events and mission trips for youth affiliated with the US Military abroad (typically, dependent teenage children of Active Duty military parents.) We also offer training and curriculum for current and emerging youth leaders who serve military middle and high school-age students. Our goal is to ensure that teens have an opportunity to know who Jesus is, experience the reality of a relationship with Him, be Biblically literate and discipled to enjoy life-long service for the Kingdom of God with clean hands, pure hearts and lives free from the idolatry of the youth culture of today. (Psalm 24:6)


We have NO paid staff and are not underwritten by any organization or group of people. We receive support from MTTM as funds become available, but this is less than 5% of our total operating budget. The remainder must be raised through our faithful and growing base of donors. Financial support helps offset the expense of the events to make them affordable for all families; subsidizes bus transportation and train or airfare so that youth from all military bases can attend (regardless of distance); provides financial aid to families with multiple youth attending or financial hardship; provides travel expense reimbursement for the directors and volunteer staff; provides training events and resources & curriculum for churches, volunteers and youth ministries; provides discipleship materials for youth; and much more! Please pray about how you can assist, by volunteering to serve (typically as a mission trip) at any of our events in Europe or Japan and/or by giving to this vital and life-impacting work!