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JacobiTeacher German lessons

At JacobiTeacher, we offer individualized, professional and fun German language learning services that meet the goals of all students irrespective of culture, levels or ages. 

We are committed to offering flexible and non-constricting regulations and curriculums. While most language programs and curriculums are created around the teaching of specific words, our programs effectively cater to your personal needs and individual goals. 

We understand that learning a new language can be socially difficult. To be able to speak in a different language, students need to learn, how to deal with social conflicts arising from the language barrier.​ JacobiTeacher creates positive learning situations that enhance student's learning process. With teaching methods based on Blended Learning education and the philosophies of John Dewey and Kersten Reich, we have always drafted our topics and lesson structures to reflect a conversational language approach.



As speaking a language is less following rules and more exchanging information socially, we aim to



  • Create enjoyable and fun social situations that make you use your language skills.



  • Provide stimulating learning environments that help you not to lose track of your goals.


  • Individually tutor and coach you to organize your learning process and push you forward.



  • Create and apply media that helps you learn grammar; build vocabulary and enhance your listening skills.

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