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Isy Gabriel

Isy Gabriel is committed to bringing change to those who want to grow and bring more love, strength and joy to their lives.

She works by seeing the gift in our pain, getting to the root of the issues and changing the patterns there, naturally relieving the pain in our lives. She is passionate about discovering our shadow selves in a conscious way (shadow tantra), exploring our sexuality, releasing trauma from body and mind and thus increasing our capacity to give and receive love.

She has been involved in Psychology and Personal development for 30 years (BSc & Post-grad Psychology, Oxford) and is also a world reknowned Bowen therapist and trainer of over 25 years. She sees the body mind and soul as One integrated being, each a reflection of the other.

She has been involved with Family constellations for twelve years  and has a deep commitment to bringing this gracious work to everyone, in order to heal the burdens we all carry from our past and live full present here now, in freedom, love and strength. 

Isy lives in TIlba on the Far South Saphhire Coast, at the foot of Gulaga Mountain. She has a local clinic for Bowen, massage,  and constellations (and internationally via zoom) and runs retreats and workshops both locally and further afield, even the UK once a year!

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