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ISG3 - #Credit Mastery

ISG3 wants Your Company to Grow by Assisting Owners in Obtaining Business Credit for Project Funding along With Internet Marketing Training!

Credit Mastery Seminars 2017

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Custom Seminars for You or Your Group Now Available!  ISG3 will present the Credit Mastery 1 day or 2 day seminar in your town (almost anywhere in the USA). Please contact us for special pricing.


Payments Through Eventbrite Paypal System are processed to ISG3,LLC, 700 N Colorado Blvd, Ste# 713, Denver CO, 80206 and will show in your Paypal records after your payment is completed. 

Business Credit and Personal Credit Exploited including the Advanced Funding Tools

Seminars - Books - Workbooks - On-site and Off-site Coaching

Credit Mastery   - Updated Jan 2016!

Personal and Business Credit Solutions for Everyone! Learn the insider secrets of credit repair agencies that charge thousands of dollars in doing credit sweeps and dispute letters that you can do yourself at little or no cost! Next learn how to take your credit score to 720 or more in 45 days!  This book includes the Advanced Business Credit Tactics 2014 Book also - So it is the best book on the market today for credit building!  

Credit Mastery Advanced Funding Tools: Using VOD, POF, UCC-1 ,PPM's, CD & Banking Instruments  - Updated Feb 2016  -  Authored by Iron Dane Richards

Credit Mastery Advanced Tools is the companion to the Credit Mastery Series and many of our Advanced Business Credit Tactics Series of books. 
Actual examples of use of these tools and methods used by! ISG3 is publishing all of our compiled information on how to use the following financial tools: 
Verify on Demand – How to Use Verify on Demand as a higher level proof of funds and financial stability. Learn from examples how to use this tool to get funding or close transactions. These can bypass much of the demand for a credit history or score if used properly. 
Proof of Funds – How to use a Proof of Funds letter 
Using Certificates of Deposit – Learn how to use Certificates of Deposit to become a center of influence at your bank. This strategy works well with Banks and Credit Uninons alike. 
Using UCC-1 Filings – Learn all about Filing UUC-1 for Credit , How to Properly Ammend a UCC-1 Filing, Wha the actual steps are in getting a UCC-1 to report on your credit profile. 
Private Placements – With a Great Private Placement Memorandum Sample – Where and what to file to keep your offereing legal. 
CrowdFunding – Learn the information we have gathered about successful crowdfunding projects and how to tailor yours for raising capital without filing for private placements using conventional investors 
CrowdFunding for Real Estate – Learn the information your listings need to be successful 
Bank Guarantees – Standby Letter of Credit Funding – See an actual SBLC /SLOC Funding deal documentation for $10,000,000 with little credit 
Business Buy Sell Agreement for those building companies with credit lines for resale. 
We also give you actual examples of transactions we have been involved with over the past five years and the nuances of making these strategies work to get you million dollar funding with minimal requirements. 
Plus we included many of our trusted documents and resources for your funding use.  

Credit Mastery for Real Estate: Commercial & Residential Funding - Special Edition  Authored by Iron Dane Richards 

Special Edition Limited to 25,000 Copies Only! 
Learn all the advanced real estate methods and tools used by the professionals in real estate acquisition, investment holding and flipping. 
In this limited edition we cover the following subjects in detail 
Legal Entities 
LLC's for Real Estate 
Land Trusts for Real Estate 
Low or No Down Real Estate Purchases 
Back to Back Transactions 
Transactional Funding 
Verify on Demand for Proof of Funds 
Certificate of Deposits Strategy 
1031 Exchanges 
Real Estate Deal Structuring and Expectations 
Short Sales 
Tax Lien Real Estate Acquisitions 
CrowdFunding for Real Estate 
Private Investors and Private Placements 
Plus we have included many sample forms and documents for your aquisition processes.

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