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Irvine Global Innovation Group

Mission Statement
To educate and explore innovation on a global perspective, while establishing relationships with foreign economies. We are a non-profit organization committed to connecting researchers and students across the globe.


Vision Statement:
IGIG at UCI seeks to connect university and corporate researchers across the globe. As our partnership with foreign industries grow, we seek to provide a platform for students to grow through first hand experience in the field of research and development while fostering employment opportunities within our featured foreign partners. Our key objective is to maintain dynamic relationships between the faculty, students, and community that are drawn together for our initiative. 


·      IGIS 2012

Irvine Global Innovation Group looks forward to hosting IGIS 2012—our first annual Irvine Global Innovation Summit. Based on this year’s theme, “Why not experience the known unknown?” IGIS 2012 will feature a full day of blockbuster speeches, technical discussions, incredible research and development presentations, networking opportunities, and student discussion seeking to unravel the mystery of why Israel holds flourishing innovation in the fields of Stem Cells, Nanotechnology, and Biomedical Technology.


·      Develop R&D partnerships


Irvine Global Innovation Group seeks to create research and development projects with foreign firms and universities to instantiate a global strategic innovation network.  The University of California Irvine has substantial resources to facilitate and collaborate on various fields of research.  We are targeting researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of Nanotechnology, Stem Cells, and Biomedical Engineering.


·      Provide opportunities for students at UCI


Our organization is passionate about providing new networks, possibilities, and expanding the imagination to unforeseen possibilities. With a population of 26,000 students on the UCI campus, we are committed to provide our diverse population with the opportunities to become successful on a globalized front. Our intro classes discuss globalization redundantly, but if we can read and imagine such movements, why not become immersed now?  

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