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The mission of Iron Warrior Foundation is to provide support to U.S. military veterans affected by the emotional and physical trauma suffered during active-duty. Keystone Iron Warriors is a 501 (C) (3) Tax Exempt Organization under the Internal Revenue Service.Our goal is to empower these veterans and their families, strengthen their quality-of-life, and educate the community about veterans who have been impacted by post-military service. The main focus of Iron Warriors, Inc. is to assist those veterans that suffer from debilitating injuries like amputations, burns, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Iron Warrior Foundation recognized the need for an assistance canine program. For a veteran with a serious limb injury, amputation, or traumatic brain injury, an assistance canine can provide the stability and support they need to climb up and down stairs or get in and out of a chair, and offer piece of mind while they cope with their injuries suffered in combat. Iron Warriors has a three-tiered assistance canine program that is tailored to all Veterans.

1. Canine Companion: Canine Companions dogs are trained for the benefit of emotional comfort or social support.

2. Emotional Support Canine: To recognize and/or manage undesirable human behavior, to provide supervision, navigation, or safety from environmental hazards, and to assist with the management of mental illness as a primary condition. Injuries and conditions must be service connected.

3. Our Service Canine Program is designed to help individuals who have a wide range of disabilities. We train service dogs to assist Veterans who have mobility impairments and balance disorders, difficulty using their hands/arms, health related fatigue issues, and Veterans with seizure/cardiac syncope and Type 1 Diabetes disorders. 

Through local certified K9 trainers, Iron Warrior Foundation hosts multiple fundraisers to provide a qualified Pennsylvania veteran an assistance canine companion. With the assistance of a canine, veterans can lead more independent lives. These dogs can help reduce or eliminate their partners’ reliance on assistance appliances, and can enhance their ability to move about in public places by performing daily routines they may not otherwise have been able to achieve without out the help of another individual.Our funding to provide assistance canines to disabled veterans comes from the generous contributions of individuals, corporations, foundations, businesses, and fraternal clubs.

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