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I am a keen observer of human nature. I spend considerable amount of time pondering the way in which human beings make unnecessary bonds for themselves over items not worth the human price, so I have little time for those who only pursue the soft options but can not live with the hard truth and stark realizations. I also despise jealousy and ego in others and can not understand why it should be so. This level of idealism only means we have all been let down by less generous souls thus my appreciation for symmetry fires up my social conscience and drives me to find use for my time to benefit others. My principles are cultured by my beliefs, my success and esteem by my creativity. My analytical strength tells me to dig my heels and stay the course for I am the perfect extrovert, a great leader, a good healer, an empathetic counselor. I am the spark, the beginning, the alpha, the ego of consciousness, the light of peace and the sign of better things to come⚓️

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