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Interpretations, LLC

Interpretations is the product of life-coach Latisha Anderson's experiences. The organization grew out of her love for using dance to express emotion, faith, and worship. After years of visiting churches and women's groups with her dance program, Anderson expanded Interpretations to include life coaching and motivational speaking. Along with her husband, Kevin, she hopes to inspire others who have encountered obstacles in their lives, and encourage them to pursue excellence and success.  

Embrace Your UGLY is the main mantra of Anderson's work.  The acronym encourages women to be  “Unique, Genuine, Love, and simply You”.  She helps her clients to embrace the ugly situations in their life, the hurts and the struggles – essentially, to bring them close so that they can be controlled, dealt with, and released.

Anderson understands that women need to understand the stage and process that they are in. By providing tools, resources, and a tangible plan of action, Anderson's goal is to inspire women who are more than motivated. “Motivation can quickly fade”, she says, “but women who are driven will go as far as they choose to.”

Beauty from Ashes

As a child and young adult, Anderson was always self-conscious regarding her “big head and big lips”. She struggled with a learning disability, and far worse than that, lived in an extended family rampant with abuse. It would have been easy for her to get caught up in in the cycles which plagued her family.

Anderson credits her mother with always inspiring her to look beyond today's circumstance, to look out across the horizon and see the possibilities. Anderson helps women to see their lives, emotions, and responses through a more positive lens, challenging them to “go beyond what they see.”

Through workshops or personal interaction, Anderson exhibits how to embrace the process and the lessons, and channel the anger, sadness, and pain into positive action.  

What You Can Expect:

Our style is comfortable and conversational, setting women at ease and building them up from the moment the session begins. Anderson introduces participants to one another, encourages sharing and camaraderie, and keeps the room laughing. Women who walked in to address hurts soon find themselves not only talking about hopes, dreams, and aspirations – but sketching out a plan of action with Anderson cheering them on.

Anderson is a certified life coach, and is available for women's conferences, training sessions, meetings or one-on-one coaching.

“Growth happens in dark places. Like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, no one can see what happens in the hidden moments, but even the caterpillar cannot anticipate the beauty of what he is becoming.”   - Latisha Anderson

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