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International Research Consortium for the Corpus Callosum & Cerebral Connectivity

The International Research Consortium for the Corpus Callosum and Cerebral Connectivity (IRC5) is an international, multidisciplinary effort to discover the causes, consequences, and effective interventions for disorders of the corpus callosum and associated disorders of cerebral connectivity. It was established on March 20, 2015 by a group of investigators who are leading experts in corpus callosum developmental disorders and their neuropsychological and developmental outcomes and who have maintained long-standing involvement in patient support organizations.

IRC5 Mission

  • Identify what causes malformation of brain connections before birth
  • Discover ways to prevent or ameliorate these malformations
  • Improve accuracy of predicting how child will be impacted by these malformations
  • Develop effective interventions to prevent (or minimize) long-term disability from them, such as deficits in cognition and behavior, as well as neurologic conditions such as epilepsy, ataxia and spasticity.
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