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International Pain Foundation

The International Pain Foundation (iPain) provides community based support services that address the immediate need of chronic pain patients with conditions such as RSD, CRPS, Post Cancer Pain, Lupus, Lyme, failed back syndrome and Diabetic Neuropathy.

The International Pain Foundation - A 501(C)(3) Charity Founded: November 23, 2006
The International Pain Foundation's mission is to educate and show support for Chronic Pain Patients, specifically those with Chronic Pain conditions including Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Diabetic Neuropathy and Post Cancer Pain. We fulfill our mission by:

Promoting public and professional awareness of chronic pain conditions 
  • Educate those afflicted with the syndrome, their families, friends and healthcare providers on the disabling pain it causes. 
  • Action-oriented public awareness, education, and pain policy improvement through activities and efforts to eliminate the under treatment of chronic pain. 
  • Commitment to raising funds for financial, emotional and educational support for chronic pain sufferers.

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