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International Academy of Consciousness

The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a research and education organisation dedicated to the investigation of consciousness.

IAC place great emphasis on the rational and critical study of psychic and energetic abilities, especially the out-of-body experience (OBE), as a means of understanding the multi-dimensional fabric of our reality.

Our organisation does not follow the traditional Newtonian-Cartesian research paradigm (worldview or theoretical construct) that is predominant in mainstream science and which considers reality to consist solely of a physical universe operating under the known physical laws.  Instead, our research is conducted based on a new paradigm or view of reality that is inclusive of the genuine multidimensional, psychic, 'spiritual,' and 'transcendent' experiences that millions of people around the world have had. When these experiences are investigated in an unbiased, rational, and objective manner, yet with criticism they inevitably point to the conclusion that we live within a greater, multidimensional reality that, to date, has been largely ignored by mainstream science.

Some of the topics researched and studied by IAC: human potential, psychic personal development, self-awareness, out-of-body experiences (OBE, OOBE, astral projection, astral travel), psychic abilities, vital energy (bioenergy, chi, prana, orgone), paranormal phenomena, non-physical dimensions, scientific paradigms, and consciousness.

Learning about non-physical reality brings about a paradigm shift and profound changes in how we view our life, our values and our priorities. Applying that knowledge and getting first-hand experience takes us even further. IAC's courses and events aim at giving students both, first-rate information and practical training to help students understand and experience multidimensional reality.

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