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InterEdx @La Kretz Innovation Campus

About Us
Our Core Values
:  Education Par  Excellence
InterEdx is dedicated to Education  (Edx) Excellence.  We will continue to strive to provide excellence in education and training at the core of our programs.
  Education is a continuing process.  The ever changing dynamics in business and the demands of a globalizing world necessitate that students and professionals equip themselves with the necessary tools to become competitive in a changing world.

InterEdx will play a key role in meeting the changing dynamics of business organizations and the demands of a globalizing world by providing technical and career-focused education and training programs that will respond to the demands of the times.

Our Mission

Through our Management and Professional Development Programs and Learning Events, InterEdx will serve as a platform to empower professional and organizations to exceed the demands of an ever-evolving and dynamic business environment.

Our Commitment
We are committed to develop quality, professional development education programs, and deliver innovative learning events that are updated, and in tune with the demands and challenges of a changing world.  Our training programs are taught by qualified and passionate instructors, trainers and distinguished speakers who are expert in their field.

Our Programs
Our education and training programs include seminars and workshops,  management and business  education courses, and master certificate courses intended for  students and professionals for their continuing and advanced learning.   InterEdx Master Certificate Programs bring together early-stage and graduate professionals from across industry to take part in our Master Classes in management, global sustainability and innovation. Our action-focused program provides a platform for the leaders of tomorrow to seize the opportunities as well as deal with the most critical issues that the organizations will face in the future.

Our Community

InterEdx is a member of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubators (LACI). InterEdx is headquartered at La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) - Los Angeles' new clean tech innovation hub, a place where entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and policymakers can collaborate, promote and support the development of clean technologies and LA's green economy.    The La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) is a fully renovated 60,000 square foot facility located in the dynamic Arts & Innovation District of Downtown Los Angeles.  The Campus comprises 3.2 acres owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to establish an environmental research hub for the City of Los Angeles.

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