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Integrated Apothecary

Christine is a Biologist specializing in cardiology and immunology. She graduated from UC San Diego and went on to study Pediatric Cardiology at UC San Francisco. She eventually moved on to work in the biotechnology industry helping to develop new techniques for medical research.


As a scientist, Christine believes credibility and accuracy is critical when making decisions that are going to affect people's health. Her experiences as a chronic pain patient, who has been failed by western medicine, have lead her to try many types of alternative medicine. Essential oils have become part of her daily life as the major part of her treatments and replacement for pain medications. 


Essential oils have a variety of scientifically proven health benefits and are a great, non-invasive way to treat a variety of medical conditions and can be used safely in combination with many other therapies. She has choosen to team up with dōTerra because of the scientifically backed oil quality, integrety of the company, the way they sustainably source their products, and the fair treatment of their farmers. 


Christine loves research and new information. Do you have health question? Have you found some interesting research you want to share? Do you have a question about dōTerra or essential oils in general? Maybe you want to share an experience you've had with essential oils? Send her an email at:

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