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Instructor/Teacher/Energy Guide/Healer/GM -- Mark Davis --


Greetings To You All~

Mark Davis --  Has done the art of tantric sessions & study for about 9yrs. now!  A certified instructor, practitioner, guide, intimacy coach, sex educator, mentor and have taught/ guided singles & couples through Chakra Tantra, Puja Ceremony, Tantric Orgasmic Meditation, Erotic Tantra Yoga & Massage, Healing Trauma from past, Sacred Sensuality & Sexuality, Sexual Healing groups for a while now~!!  Its not just physical, but happens in the mind-spirit-soul too! He is interested in teaching this to whoever wants a higher vibration of ecstasy in body & of self~

Chakra Tantra-Kundalini Reiki Yoga Meditation, is the using of our 5-8 Senses with another, and having more of a profound interconnection on a higher level than we could ever imagine! Healing any past hurts or pain that came from past relationships that were bitter & didn't work out for the best~!?  Clearing up any blockage, fears, walls and set beliefs that have been in the way or are in the way now, from us really being able to fully connect with another & truly receive the love, appreciation, respect, peace, acceptance, honor, joy that you deserve and desperately want to have!?  And then, to be able to give it back in return!
here are some of the benefits & things that can be achieved:

*An opportunity to build trust, compassion, intimacy, community~
*Open to greater depths of awareness, understanding, mindfulness and embodiment~
*Bring relational patterns into balance with a partner to reflect and mirror your presence, communication, openness~
*Cultivate beautiful, inspiring rituals and massage techniques to share with a partner or lover or thyself~
*Explore safe and loving touches of intimacy~

In his core, he's a creator~ He creates flow of energy movement to help the body, mind, spirit, and soul feel good! He  creates space to have fun and play as well as space to become vulnerable and heal, from the past~ He creates pieces of moments of bliss, that creates for you... unforgettable profound experiences!!
He has worked with men/women all over California, helping and supporting them on their journey to their happiest n healthiest better true essence selves!! Look forward to meeting you, and connecting together in a more profound blissful way that we become one, with each other & who we really truly are~
Happy Tantra Loving--
Love, Light, Joy to you always, be well~!!

Greetings Geeks , Nerds , Gamers Alike~

Also, he has played & taught games for about 7 yrs. now!  And runs them as the GM(game master), at different events... like comic con-- gen con-- game con-- cos-play con all over the states!!  Loves what he does, to bring a group of people together, and help guide them along a mysterious path!?

So come join us, for a little excitment & fun~

Happy Gaming!

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