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Innovation - People - Skills - Link4Growth

Innovation - People - Skills - Link4Growth is based in South West Herts and seeks to rebuild community through 4 main avenues.



To improve Business and our Community we must constantly innovate. If the 21st century has taught us anything it is that all the traditional institutions and structures are vulnerable and that we must continually evolve. Co-creation, collaboration, working together with the spirit of adventure is the new model for success... and more importantly happiness.



We have been heavily focused on money and possessions for as long as we can remember. In fact we probaby can't remember a time when these things weren't the most important to us. We have learned to love things and use people, not love people and use things. Our worth is placed on what we have, not who we are.... and yet... all that really matters is who we are, the people around us and our relationships. If we could improve ourselves and our relationships (community) and take the emphasis off money we would live in a very different world.



The world has changed. The Internet has changed absolutely everything and it isn't finished yet. For us to be effective in the modern world we need to go back to school. Personal development and growth, understanding of how to operate a small business in this changed world, and, how to engage and interact (network) with people both via the internet (social platforms) and offline too.



An established community building set of tools that we are implementing in South West Herts. Link4Growth provides an infrastructure, a community, a set of guidelines such as 'giving without expecting return' and a set of principles that are the foundation on which community can be rebuilt.


Link4Growth is at the heart of community. Giving visibility to all the good work going on locally, sharing independent local businesses, community groups, charities and those people giving up their time for others.


Link4Growth provides the tools for us to host physical events each month where people can come together and have conversations. There is no agenda... there are no preconceived ideas... anyone can come... there is no cost to attend... just be yourself with no expectations placed upon you.


As a result of conversation... people meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire... everything starts with a conversation and Link4Growth gives us the opportunity to host these events, bring local people together, and begin the process of rebuilding our communities

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