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Inner Mandala Medicine

 Pema Chodron once said, “Each person's life is like a mandala- a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life...Everything that shows up in your mandala is a vehicle for your awakening.” Every decision we make, every action we take, all the energy we put out into the world, helps form the Mandala of our life. No one else can create a Mandala quite like yours, because at the center is your heart. And when you start to realize that your are the co-creator of your life, and you chose to live from your heart center, you create a Mandala more beautiful than you could ever imagine. It's inside each and every one of us, the truest expression of your heart, your perfect Mandala, unique only to you. And when you let that flame in your heart shine at it’s brightest, when you are living in accordance with your highest self, others see that brightness. It ignites the flames in their hearts, unleashing their perfect Mandala.


Inner Mandala Medicine is a piece of our life's Mandala. It is about our never ending journey of healing, of self discovery, of coming back to Mother Earth, and tapping into the wisdom from above. We want to share what we have learned on our journey so far, in hopes to inspire you. We want to give you the tools to help you come into your perfect state of balance, so your unique Mandala can come to light in its fullest, truest expression. We want you to continue to grow on our journey with us. Because imagine how beautiful this world could be if everyone was living in their perfect Mandala.



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