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Do you sometimes feel alone, like no one will understand what you're dealing with? Or maybe what you are going through may be too difficult to discuss with anyone, even your closest friends, because you're so ashamed and you don't know how the people around you may react towards you? Or you may be going through something and you feel overwhelmed to where you may need to just vent without worrying about sounding 'crazy' to someone else? We are here or you!

No need to keep it bottled inside. As everyone knows, holding your problems in may make the situation worse, or just drive you crazy. Let us help you sort out what may be going on. Let us be the non judgmental ear that you need, so you won't continue to feel bad about normal life situations.

With one-on-one meet ups or group sessions, you may discuss what ever you need to get off of your chest, without the feeling of being torn down by shame and judgment. Unlike counselors, who make you feel as though you're being studied, or life coaches, who treat all with the same 'plan', Imperfectly Perfect works with each individual according to their own needs. NO ONE IS THE SAME! Get as comfortable as you may like. Say whatever you feel. Don't be ashamed to be who you are!

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