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IMPaX WORLD, Inc is dedicated to the education for health and wellness for it's members and guests. Each meeting has professionals and experts in the health field giving the latest health information designed for you to take control of your own health related issues. Among our most prestigious speakers who are experts in their fields are:

 Arlene Taylor, PhD, Brain Function Specialist Extraordinaire! Dr. Taylor travels around the world educating doctors, health personnel and educators on the functions of the brain. She is extremely adept at taking complex information and delivering it to an audience with simplicity and humour. We are so very proud to be affiliated with this incredible woman. 

Cary Nosler, Health and Fitness Expert- Nat'l Health Radio Show Host: Cary has been in the "business" of health since he spearheaded the first national television show regarding health. Since that time Cary has continued interviewing the most creative, influential and innovative health experts in the world today. Cary is constantly learning and applying nutrition and fitness techniques to keep the body functioning at it's highest potential. He is very informative and entertaining!

Ben Greenfield; CPT; CISSN; World Ironman Triathlete; Ben has been called "Super Human" and a superfreak of fitness. Ben is immensely knowledgeable about nutrition and how the body physiologically responds. Ben applies his knowledge to his competitions but is a personal trainer for people of all fitness levels. Internationally known to be a master in discerning what works and what does not due to his application to extreme conditioning and research, Ben's presenations are works of art. He will be one of the worlds leading experts in nutrition and fitness in the next few years.

IMPaX provides additional speakers depending on the health focus of the meetings. Past speakers include: Ruben Guzman, MPH; Greg Im, Founder IMPaX WORLD, Inc., Dr. Dallas Clouatre; Dr. Leonard Ranasinghe (Diet and the Immune System); Tori Hudson, ND (Author of Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine)Margaret Gomes, Live Food Academy; Dr. Larry Keefauver; Daniel Baker; Wes Beavis; Eric Lofholm; Jim Bellacera; Carolyn Monck, ND;   and many more!


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