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I'm Every Woman! Inc.

I’m Every Woman! Inc. is a national support network for all womanhood. Our targeted constituents are women from the age of 18, and for a lifetime. We are committed to supporting and empowering married women, single women, mothers, college women, and business women so that they can live their fullest and most successful lives. We want to affirm and encourage the individual decisions a woman makes by offering her targeted support and a network of resources to help her in whatever choices she makes. We further want to support, celebrate, and promote women in their personal and business lives so that they are able to achieve an even higher level of success. As wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, business professionals, and business owners, we know that we are a valuable resource and that our influence and decisions can directly impact our world. I’m Every Woman! Inc. will serve as an advocacy group for women so that as a united and organized group we are even more empowered to make a difference in our communities and the world. We will always honor and value the unique qualities and talents our member’s possess, and work to develop them into valuable resources that will benefit mankind. We will not pass judgment on any woman for the decisions they make for themselves and their families. We will instead strive to be a support system and network of resources to assist them in accomplishing their dreams and goals.

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