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I'm a Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation



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Our mission is to motivate, inspire, educate and empower young girls to become young ladies. We provide positive mentorship, community interaction and recreational activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, healthy eating, hygiene and integrity in the hearts of all our young girls. We also want to generate inner respect, love and self-empowerment in our teen girls that are, or have been in dysfunctional and/or disadvantaged lifestyles through constantly working on a positive self-image of themselves in relation to the different and negative influences and images in our society.

I’m Diva and Fabulous Youth Foundation (DFYF) offers young girls ages 7 to 17 to reach their full potential. Through dynamic group sessions, group activities, empowerment workshop, special events, field trips and by doing community service. DFYF creates a safe environment with resources and support to help youth create great futures for our young girls. We believe in this mentoring program, and we know that all communities can benefit from its involvement.  

The purpose of our foundation is to help our young girls discover their individual creative gift and develop qualities that will help them become happy and contributing members of this society. DFYF makes learning about life's challenges a fun and fulfilling experience for the girls involved. We teach the girls that you cannot love anyone else until you learn to love yourself first and compliment the things you love and make a change to better yourself. Young girls have amazing capabilities if they are empowered and given the opportunity to shine.

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