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IllusioNique Entertainment Team

From the shores of the Carolinas to the coast of California, illusionist Jaden Maxwell has been seen performing his own unique style of tricks, stunts, and visual illusions fused with comedy, pop dance, and world class sleight-of-hand. He has performed for several celebrities including former president George W. Bush and recently comedian/actor, Marlon Wayans who stated, "Skilled and scary, Jaden's magic is real!!! I've known David Blaine for 5 years and I've never seen him do anything like Jaden!! Un-@&#%ing-believable!!" Also a contestant for popular hit show, "America's Got Talent", Jaden continues to mystify any and all types of crowds. Touring with his show, "Sleeveless", he delivers the magical entertainment that his keeps his fans on the edge of their seats! With an organic approach and a unique inspirational message, don't miss America's newest hotshot in entertainment! 

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