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Illinois Public Safety Training Group

2020 Standard Pricing   


Specials are announced through the year!



$75.00 for the 16 Hour Illinois & Florida Concealed Carry Class


$45.00 for 3 Hour Renewal Illinois Concealed Carry Class




16 Hour Illinois & Florida Concealed Carry Class 


IL & FL Concealed Carry Class is presented by Illinois Public Safety Training Group, LLC. (IPST) instructors located in our Palos Hills, IL Training Center.


Class runs from 8am - 4:30pm on both day 1 and day 2. Live fire range qualifications will be held at an off-site range on day 2 within driving distance of the IPST Training Center. Please note that all students must attend both days of the classroom training and attend the live fire range qualification in order to receive their training certificate. LiveScan Fingerprinting Services and Application Assistance are available on site for an additional fee.  


A mandatory fee of $20.00 per student will be collected on day 1 in class for the range fee which includes: eye and ear protection, a B-27 target, 30 rounds of 9mm ammo, and a school firearm for your range qualification. Students may bring their own firearm on day 2 to the range however the student is still responsible for the mandatory range fee.




Illinois Public Safety Training Group, LLC is a group of both Illinois Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian Instructors that are certified through the Illinois State Police (ISP) to teach the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act (FCCA), Illinois Security Officer Certification, and NRA Civilian & NRA Law Enforcement Courses.  




IPST runs a closed range which means the facility is closed to the public during all qualifications.  This provides us with the safest and most controlled environment for your training.


All of our Illinois Classes include certification for Florida


No FOID Card or Firearm is needed to attend our class. You can show up empty handed we have everything on site to get you Certified!  


At IPST, We believe that carrying a firearm for protection is your right and it's our goal to provide easy access to affordable training options.


Our training never ends, if at anytime you have questions or concerns after your training is complete we are always available to assist you. You can call or email at 708-372-4026 or email us at You can also message us on Facebook, whichever route you take we will be there to assist you!


Our courses are open to the everyone regardless of experience. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for additional course information.


Illinois Public Safety Training Academy

9800 S. Roberts Road, Suite 206

Palos Hills, IL  60465




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