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The mission of I.L.Care is to create a united and engaged Israeli-American and Jewish- American volunteer community through a membership-based social volunteer network for all ages.

I.L.Care is a volunteer community of all ages for Israeli and Jewish-Americans in Los Angeles. The I.L.Care community aims to build bridges and foster the culture of giving and volunteerism by matching volunteers with organizations in need of support. This is the first opportunity of its kind to bring local Israelis/American-Israelis and Jewish Americans to work together on a common goal, a large Jewish community of giving. I.L.Care is guided by a belief that working and volunteering together builds relationships and strengthens community ties.

I.L.Care seeks to collaborate with existing organizations such as schools, young leadership groups, cultural and interest groups, universities, synagogues and other sources of volunteers to reward participants for their ongoing involvement in social services with the goal to draw new volunteers as well. I.L.Care volunteers who sign up as members will have access to friends’ profiles and agency profiles, enabling people to sign up for the same projects as their friends and make new friends based on common interests.

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