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It was when Giuseppe was sitting in a Florence Cafe making careful observation of his surroundings when the epiphany occurred to him to launch a Cafe of his own in the heart of Manhattan. The idea marinated in his mind for the remainder of his trip and upon return, he put idea into action. His first Cafe was a small Gellato shop called “Firenze.” Winter came fast and upon some advice, Firenze went from a small Gellato shop to an authentic Cafe. From that point on, the cafe grew exponentially. Giuseppe decided he wanted to start a family. In 1987, six months before he got married to his wife, he sold Firenze. Giuseppe went into construction and upon having his children, he knew in his heart that he had to follow his passion. 4 years later, he returned to the restaurant business and in 1992, Il Bacco was born.

Twenty five years later, Il Bacco has been going strong with a strong loyal clientelle and passionate employees. Who would’ve thought a young boy from Italy who once shined shoes would become a powerhouse in the restaurant industry? This is what hard work is all about.

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