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ICERAS - International Centre for Eritrean Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Mission Statement

The International Centre for Eritrean Refugees (ICERAS) is an advocacy group with the primary purpose of empowering Eritreans fleeing from persecution.  The organization focuses on facilitating asylum seekers and refugees internationally with access to resources.  At the heart of this effort is ICERAS’s commitment to educating the asylum seekers and refugees about their legal rights and the social assistance and training opportunities available to them.

On the ground ICERAS seeks to establish working relationships with international emergency aid organizations able to provide humanitarian assistance to newly arrived and transient refugees.

The ICERAS constituency is comprised of the Eritrean community at large; in particular the refugees, asylum seekers and stateless Eritreans throughout the world.  We also welcome the assistance and participation of those who make the plight of these individuals their concern


Our immediate objectives are:

  • To assist displaced Eritreans with the provision of food, shelter, basic medical care and counselling where needed .
  • To provide a readily available framework capable of addressing the legal, economic and social issues encountered by Eritrean refugees
  • To enable the Eritrean refugees to rebuild their lives and integrate into their new homes through education and training
  • To adopt strategies that would encourage the sharing of knowledge between Eritrean refugees, the learned understanding and awareness of human rights.

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