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I Luv 2 Swap Inc., Swap & $tack

Odetta King  also known as the Swap Queen & Coin Strategist  is dedicated to teaching, coaching, consulting and helping her clients understand how to maximize their income and monetize their skills. She is also very passionate on preserving our green environment through her swap life movement by educating and empowering others of the benefits of swapping fashion while staying true to her brand of stacking coins.  She shares her collection of financial strategies and tactics to help you stack more coins specifically with your skills, ways to better increase your personal finance and swap fashion. The goal is to save more money, spend smarter & less,  invest more thus creating generational wealth.


Who wants to save money and get FREE items?


"I Luv 2 Swap Inc." is an online marketplace & 2 way platform to Swap, Buy or Sell clothing, shoes, accessories for Men, Women, Kids as well as Home Goods items with other members around the world. Swapping is the new shopping and a great eco-fabulous way to share and trade the love of fashion, help the environment, meet like-minded people and most importantly save MONEY!  


Our goal is to help promote sustainability and empower you to SAVE more $$$


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