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I Believe I Achieve - Janice Muir

Jan, lead a relatively quiet life until she faced a few of life's adversities. She gained her true strength to fight and keep the dream alive.  She first achieved to her credit as a young ten year old to reach state championships in Athletics with a gold medal. It was her athletic pathway that she showed great potential.  Dreams, goals of reaching more gold were gone, in one split second - for the mind to conceive. It only took a family members comment to shatter her dreams and she never run again.

Jan has witnessed and experienced many life changing events. In 1998 she faced losing her partner of 30 odd years to the disease Alzheimer's Dementia.  Year 2000 she placed him in a home.  In late 2001 uplifted from Darwin moved to Brisbane; in 2002 partner passed away.  In 2003 her daughter moved back to Darwin to start a fresh life and now happily married with 2 children.  In 2005 diagnosed with pre cervical cancer and gets all clear - it was caught in time.  

6 short months later Jan was diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer and faced radical surgery to have to fight to keep the dream alive again.  In 2007 after 9 months away from employment Jan faces the gradual return to work from then onwards to 2011 she faced her personal challenges of development and growth after her illness. During this time, she wrote lots of notes on parts of her life as a way of coping during a challenging time in life.  It wasn’t until around 2009 Jan had the chance to study Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and then it finally clicked Jan started to write of her experiences and bring this into a book. 

With another adversity in 2012 Jan faced being retrenched from her long career in the Public Service after having been employed for over 30 years. 

Jan self-published her first book in late 2012 and 2015 her second edition was re-published with guidance and enhanced new content. This has led her on a path of new discovery to want to write more.  Jan’s next book Vision to WIN is in the publishers hands. 

She currently has another 5 books on the go with her publishing team all falling into place. Her inspiration is mainly to inspire the young adult to see themselves already achieving what they desire in life; and is adaptable to be applied to anyone in life.    One of those books Vision to WIN is a story about Jan’s athletic days, and the journey of her life and what she learnt along the way. How to win Gold all using the power of the mind.

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