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I Am Who I Am Corporation

I Am Who I Am Corporation (IAWIA) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. IAWIA creates powerful relationships at critical stages in teen girl’s (11-19) and young women’s (20-25) lives, through Evidence Based Mentoring, while equipping girls and young women with skills that allow them to develop the confidence and ability to have effective communication, by acknowledging their true authentic selves. Our mentoring is designed for the recalcitrant, the homeless, the economically disadvantaged, and vulnerable young teen girls & young women (ALL TEEN GIRLS). With our programs the teen girls & young women will be able to communicate peacefully, effectively & respectively, with authority among their peers and adults. They will have the confidence to speak up, which builds their self-esteem.  We also teach to "Pay It Forward" and give back to others including shelters for women and children. 
IAWIA is led by our founder and executive board members, and our goal is to allow them to see how valuable they truly are. Teen girls & young women have variations of who they have become. Unfortunately, they bring forth someone they want others to believe they are and not their true self. They may act one way with their friends, and another way when they are around family, and yet another way with someone they like. Therefore, we provide the guidance and skills to help them to true authenticity. IAWIA encourage, equip, and educate teen girls to direct on social barriers, economic environment, and bullying to help build confident leaders. Our main objective it to help them see a better version of themselves. We help by bringing awareness and education with what is going on today.  
We help them with:
Helping them find alternatives to the justice system
Body issues
Building confidence
Leadership skills
Sensitivity treatment
Business/financial literacy 
Engagement with strained family members.
Self-worth, Self-esteem, and self-perception
Holding themselves accountable without being charged with a crime 
Developmental approaches to juvenile justice reform/Reentry/alternatives to detention

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