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I AM Special Movement

Virtual Community of Neighbors who are seeking to receive and share Mason Jar Wisdom (GOD's Wisdom) to start and keep #DoingSpecialThings as their part #2UpLiftAll (Mission of The Movement).

Each week the Neighbors can connect and stay connected via the #Community page; 2UpLiftAll Group page; weekly inspirational call and a podcast that take place on #ThePorch.

The #Neighbors are invited to grab themselves an ice cold Mason Jar full of water, lemonade or tea and come along the learning journey with me (Ms Myra Smith Frye - Founder and Facilitator) and all the #Special Neighbors.  

We want all Neighbors to know that they are #Special and they were born that way.  We want them to know that that they have #SpecialThings to do.  We want them to know that those #SpecialThings need to be done in an intentional and urgent manner and have adopted the MasonJarWisdom of #DoItNowAndTalkLater

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