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Humble Pie Entertainment

Humble Pie Entertainment is a creative media company specializing in marketing and distributing high quality family and faith-based entertainment. Over the past years we have been involved with various film releases including One Night With The King, Bella, Son of Man for Ster-Kinekor, The Ten Commandments - Animated Film for MFILMS and Nu-Metro, Flywheel, Fireproof, Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer for Aquavision and Ster-Kinekor, Faith Happens in partnership with Side By Side Films, God of Wonders, The Calling, The Blind Side, A Dance for Bethany, Hopeville, Soul Surfer, Courageous, Loving The Bad Man, Hartsbegeertes, Fuel, The Beautiful Truth, Deep In The Heart, Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival, Lion Of Judah, Heaven is for Real, Risen and Miracles from Heaven just to name a few. Humble Pie Entertainment has gained a respectable name in the entertainment industry as a company who knows how to speak to the Christian market in South Africa and has evolved to launch campaigns into the secular market. We prefer to receive enquiries and any requests via e-mail please. For any event enquiries, please reply on the e-mail you received from us with your request. If you would like to receive our company/marketing profile, please request it via e-mail. Office Tel: 072 871 1441 E-mail:

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