This is a streaming video webinar that you may access and view as often as you wish over a three-day period, all for one registration fee.

This unique two-part webinar, lasting approximately 50 minutes, will get you on track to knowing how to budget your visual effects project.  You will become acquainted with the VFX Chart of Accounts, Globals, Fringes, VFX Crew, Equipment and Production Support.  

As a special bonus, you will also be able to download a complimentary copy of the complete Demonstration Budget that we use in our webinar.

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"The Visual Effects Producer: Understanding the Art and Business of VFX"

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"The Visual Effects Producer" is absolutely essential reading!  Finance and Zwerman cover every aspect of producing visual effects in a clar and concise manner that will inform novices and industry veterans alike." 

(Gale Anne Hurd, Producer)

"This indispensable resource for VFX Producers (and would-be VFX producers) is not only user-friendly but jam packed with the information and techniques you'd otherwise learn the hard, painful, and expensive way!"

(Jeffrey A. Okun, VFX Supervisor)

"A must read for all filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers.  The authors have combined wisdom and practicality to produce an extraordinary book that explains the business of producing VFX without losing sight of the art and magic."

(Yudi Bennett, UPM)


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