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Houston's INNATE CHIROPRACTIC Healing Arts Center

At the INNATE CHIROPRACTIC Healing Arts Center, we offer a variety of gentle healing modalities to enhance your LIFE FORCE, ENERGY, and PEAK PERFORMANCE, NATURALLY!

We incorporate a “full-spine, whole-person” philosophy of health and wellness utilizing the powerful modalities of Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care, Stragetic Life Coaching and Professional Massage Therapy. We incorporate philosophies from a reorganizational healing perspective. For those interested in deeper healing and personal development, we also host a variety of classes, speakers, concerts, and workshops including life goal setting, manifesting collage, empowerment drumming, The 12 stages of Healing, and more.




Dr. Jackie St.Cyr - Doctor of Chiropractic



[PJ] Chiropractor, Dr. Jackie St. Cyr


Dr. Jackie's Chiropractic Journey


Dr. Jackie St.Cyr has been in the Chiropractic profession since 1980. Her career began as a chiropractic assistant where she served from 1980-1992. Her main focus and love was the direct "hands-on" experience of working with patients to heal their body and their life. In 1982, she attended her first Parker Chiropractic Success Seminar. There she was inspired by the passion and philosophy taught by Chiropractors Dr. Jim Parker and Dr. John Demartini and she decided to become a Chiropractor.


Chiropractic Education


With confidence in her healing touch, a dream and desire to serve more, she entered the Parker College of Chiropractic, Dallas, TX, in January of 1992. She excelled and graduated from Parker and received her Texas State Chiropractic license in January of 1995. Dr. Jackie also earned a Bachelor's of Science in Anatomy from Parker College.


Practice Philosophy


Today Dr. Jackie's approach to health and wellness incorporates a "full-spine, whole-person" approach utilizing the gentle techniques of Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care (aka Network Chiropractic and Network Spinal Care) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). Studying under Dr. Donald Epstein, she has achieved both Basic & Advanced Certification in Network Spinal Analysis and SRI Wellness Education and continues her studies at the Mastery Level.


Learn more about Dr. Jackie at

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