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Hosted by Isramerica and DMJFP

ISRAMERICA is a non- profit organization comprised of emerging Israeli and Jewish-American artists, working together to create meaningful art inspired by the duality of leading a Jewish/Israeli/American lifestyle as a young artist in New York.

Integrating the works of a group of fiercely talented young artists, ISRAMERICA brings you an all star line-up of Israeli and Jewish-American performers, many of which have been featured on Broadway and off, various TV shows on Comedy Central, MTV and HBO as well as premiere music and comedy venues all over New York.

The company, founded by artistic director, Sivan Hadari in March 2009, integrates the works of a group of fiercely talented actors, dancers, singers, comedians, playwrights, directors, filmmakers and visual artists, all drawing inspiration from their Jewish and/or Israeli background.

Our goal is to produce a safe environment where artists can create a fusion of American and Israeli artistic expression as one.


Date My Jewish Friend Play will be a 70 minute scripted comedy with elements of audience participation, improv, music, and lots of flirting. The feel of the show will be Jewtopia meets Tony and Tina's Wedding - but a little classier. Date My Jewish Friend Play will be set at a Jewish singles party thrown by a NYC native who sets out to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. The only rule at the party is that each guest must bring a friend of the opposite sex and introduce them around them room.

At the start of the show will be a quick speed dating game where two audience members are selected and brought on stage to have one minute dates with each party guest. Music will play throughout the evening by a band wanting to score future wedding gigs from the hopefuls at the singles party. Over the course of the show, the guests, with their varied and contradicting views, will be pitted against each other in a raucous party filled with unusual ice-breaker games, laughter, and contentious argument - all executed in a complicated, opinionated, and ever so Jewish manner. The show will deal with questions such as is it important to marry Jewish, what is important in finding your significant other, whose hot at the party? After each performance there will be a reception with the cast and band where audience members are encouraged to recreate what they just saw.

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