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Horse Boy Foundation

Rupert Isaacson founded the Horse Boy Foundation after his son, Rowan, who has autism, showed startling improvement after a horseback trip to Mongolia. The story of Isaacson and wife Kristin Neff's journey with their son was the subject of a book Isaacson wrote, "The Horse Boy," and a 2009 documentary film of the same name “The Horse Boy” movie.

The Horse Boy Foundation brings special needs (mainly kids on the autism spectrum) children and ‘neuro-typical’ (ie ‘normal’) children together, using the horse as a social nexus. The Horse Boy Foundation runs a small center in Elgin,Texas where autism families come for play dates with horses, other animals, and trail rides. The Foundation also runs 3-4 day Horse Boy Camps in which families camp together and journey each day on horseback. The Horse Boy Foundation does not charge for its day to day services, but works on donations only – the point being that no family should be excluded because of lack of financial means.

The Horse Boy Foundation offer premises, animals, and trained staff to facilitate, whether the goal be occupational therapy, ABA, academics, straight riding lessons, or some combination of them all.

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