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Hopkins Education Services

Passionate Educators & Dedicated Leaders

A Master's Degree in Special Education prepared Corey for the challenges he would face in the classroom, but it was his experience working as a teacher that opened his eyes to a much greater need. His years of experience working with students with different challenges and families with unique needs taught him an important lesson: Academic success is heavily dependent on the structures, routines, and supports that are provided both at school and at home. It became clear to Corey that parents are rightfully concerned about supporting their child’s success and are searching for effective guidance and support on how best to do so.

With over a decade of experience working as an educator in Colorado, Corey has been involved with a wide range of challenging scenarios that have limited a child’s success in school. Corey saw success in his career and a growing salary, but was yearning for something more fulfilling. As he served numerous families within public education he realized that his compassion, talents, and expertise would create a more positive impact for families and the world if he ventured off to independently serve families as an Individualized Education Coach.

Joined by his partner, Elizabeth (who is also a Master teacher of nearly a decade), Hopkins Education Services is taking a new approach to education by focusing on a child's strengths and building upon them. HES takes a compassionate approach to planning and goal development, including mindfulness and leadership training into our practice to build confidence and success into our client's life journey. We believe this is the formula to transform potential into success. ​

Corey and Elizabeth strive to effectively empower parents and youth to be powerful advocates for themselves. They do this while creating a deeper family bond among all members. At HES we provide a secure and comfortable environment for families to voice their feelings and concerns regarding their family/children. This openness allows our coaches to use their intuition and expertise to develop a custom, comprehensive plan to support each youth and family on their journey toward happiness and success. ​

Corey has been referred to as, ‘The Autism Whisperer’, by school psychologists with whom he has worked. Fellow educators describe Corey as compassionate, detail-oriented, and professional. Elizabeth's success has come with making connections with kids, honing in on their needs and strengths, all while building self-confidence.

While living their mission in serving families as Individualized Education Coaches, Corey and Elizabeth ensure all voices are heard, understood, and supported. At HES we believe that by collaborating openly and maintaining a compassionate and flexible mindset, we can develop essential routines, plans, and goals that families and individuals will readily embrace and implement with effortlessness and ease.

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