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Margaret, Edward, and 10-year-old Emma Ng have a 3-year-old autistic son/brother named Ethan. Ethan loves to laugh, jump, run, play with water, and chase his big sister around the house. But Ethan has no voice. While he communicates by gestures and vocalizations, even a few ASL signs, Ethan is often frustrated by his inability to make himself understood which results in temper tantrums. Ethan has no instincts to tell him to stay near his parents or when something is unsafe; he struggles to sleep more than 60 to 90 minutes at a time during the night and cannot put himself back to sleep. The entire family is exhausted and are now experiencing stress-induced illness.
A service dog would be of tremendous help in easing these problems. Through the grace of a service dog: Ethan's chances at verbal communication improve by 70 percent; by tethering, walks or trips to the store will no longer be as challenging and safer; should he become lost, the dog will be able to find him; and with a companion to sleep beside Ethan, the family will have a better night’s rest.
As a result, the Ng’s have decided to become Ambassadors for Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR) - a 501c3 organization. By running a fundraising campaign, Ethan will be placed in cue to receive a dog after they raise $25,000 (Sticker shocked? These dogs cost ~$49,000!). Please consider supporting Ethan and his family by shopping at this year's benefit and bazaar. To make a 100 percent tax-deductible donation to Ethan's fund go to For more information about SDWR, visit

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