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Hope 4 Shame

Hope 4 Shame is a consulting and counseling center that wants to encourage, train, and teach church's and pastors to better help those in their community with mental illness. Through one on one, seminars, and intensive classes we hope to instill a sense of understanding in the church to be better equiped to give faith, hope, and love to those with mental health symptoms who attend church. 

Joel Gipson is a licensed mental health counselor associate in Washington State. He has 3 years of expereince working in the mental health field with men and women with chronic mental illness. He has worked with those transitioning out of the county jail system who have mental illness. He is working to take his knowldege from his education at Vangaurd University where he received a master's of Science in Clinical Psychology to the Pastors and Church. Spreadig a message of Hope, Faith and Love that will let those in churches know with mental illness that Jesus loves them and that they no longer need to live in shame, hopelessness, and worthlessness. 

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