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Hoochsmom by Judy Jewelry

Well, you are probably wondering about the name of my company. Why is it called Hoochsmom by Judy Jewelry? It is because of my love for a beautiful dog that I had found on the side of the road and he needed our help. We had 12 years of glorious love and fun together as a family. When he passed on, my husband and I have had a very hard time just missing him. So, I decided to find something to fill that gap in my life and so my journey into making jewelry and making people happy began. My love for wire weaving started around 2017 after I had retired from a job that I had done for 25 years and before that, I served in the US Navy as an Electrician Mate for 4 years. I have always been a self-starter, on the job training type of person. My first taste of making jewelry was from a lady that taught basic jewelry techniques and terminology. Then I took my first class in wire wrapping from a young man named Daniel Wilcox and I was totally hooked on twisting wire and capturing stones in wire settings and designs. Then I got into metalsmithing such as hammering out metal, soldering, bending metal, cutting out designs in metal to make jewelry. After those classes, I started broadening my skills from studying on the internet, YouTube and talking with designers from other areas of the country and some from other countries and learning as many techniques that I could find. Then someone asked if I taught wire weaving and I thought about it. Could I teach wire weaving? The answer to that question is: Yes, I can, and I love showing people how to weave and how much fun it is to learn. So now I am on another journey and that is teaching and showing how to wire weave. It would be my greatest pleasure to teach someone this beautiful art. So, if you want to learn a skill that gives you the greatest satisfaction in designing and making jewelry, please join me in the classroom!

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