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Hong Kong Shorinji Kempo Martial Art

"Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Self Defence".

Shorinji Kempo is a Gendai Budō (modern budo) Japanese martial art, sitting alongside other arts such as Karate, Judo, Kendo, Kyūdō, Iaidō and Aikido.


Shorinji Kempo incorporates effective self defence techniques with Kongo Zen philosophy that focuses on practicality approach of self development rather than the esoteric. The training aims to develop the potential of the individual and create balanced people, both mentally and physically. 
Its intentions are to instill a student with the confidence needed to stand up for their ideals and the ability to defend their position. In this way they can help others and benefit society as a whole.

The self defence techniques incorporate both hard and soft techniques: ‘Goho’ and ‘Juho

Goho is the hard or active system of punches, kicks, dodges and blocks with a focus on accuracy, speed and attacking weak points on a body as opposed to conditioning of hands and feet. 

Juho is the soft or passive system, used when grabbed or held against one's will. They comprise of releasing or throwing the opponent and applying locks to subdue them. The two systems are used hand-in-hand to create a unique all round system of self defence based on technique rather than strength, capable of repelling any form of attack.

The teachings also include 'Seiho' and Zazen meditation. Seiho is a therapeutic acupressure massage system used to relax muscles, relieve tension and regulate circulation.

Zazen meditation is practiced during every class to calm the mind and encourage breathing control.


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