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Hong Kong Greeters

Established in 2012, Hong Kong Greeters offers personalised, curated tours of the real city that never sleeps – Hong Kong! Whether you’re visiting our beautiful territory for the first or the fiftieth time, we are confident that we’ll delight and surprise you with our unique, fully customised tours. As your friends in Hong Kong, our fun, easy-going and multilingual guides are delighted to lead you on a fully personalised tour. To ensure that you get the best out of our tours, we customise your experience – both in advance and on-the-go – guaranteeing an experience that’s always educational, entertaining, and most of all fun! We love nothing more than to create an experience that ticks all your travel boxes: be it a deep-dive into Hong Kong’s rich culture and history, an adventurous exploration of the city’s abundant natural attractions, or a delicious slice (or slurp!) of world-famous Cantonese cuisine, our warm and welcoming guides are always delighted to go above and beyond for you. Take a look at our extensive selection of tours or contact us to customise your own. We can’t wait to share a whole new side of Hong Kong with you!

We are all fluent English speakers on the team and additionally we can support the following languages: Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Cantonese and Manadarin.