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Honeydrops Foundation

 Honeydrops Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization. We offer professional training module and several other services and events with the goal of taking our community beyond domestic violence.

Mission Statement

Honeydrops Foundation is the creative visionary of Beyond Domestic Violence Module, multidimensional course training and event based module and curriculum that is geared toward taking our global community beyond domestic violence.  Honeydrops Foundation is also the creator of a system that elects global Coed, ambassadors for the DV platform, Miss Fashion and Beauty International and Mr. Fashion International and HD Foundation International Honors system.

"Honeydrops Foundation is the global leader in providing real time adaptable solutions to end domestic violence. Our mission is to adopt every avenue in education, pageantry, mentoring, volunteering, honor and recognition to take our global community beyond domestic violence".

Vision Statement

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to help people adopt a new mindset and develop practical real time tools and strategies to living a purposeful life beyond domestic violence.  We believe God called each person to accomplish a specific purpose life. We are constantly emphasizing the importance of doing something extraordinary that the world will remember us by. We are visionaries, constantly focusing on creating initiatives that will shift the culture of how we deal with societal issues.  We take unconventional approaches that touch the core of domestic violence without focusing on negativity but building bridges to take us Beyond Domestic Violence through education, business, spirituality and positive psychology. We believe we are called to go into areas and cultures around the world to educate, empower and motivate people of diverse cultures and beliefs to think differently, collaborate and attain peak performance beyond domestic violence and all forms of violence. We believe every life adds value and the earth would be missing out on the treasure embedded in every life wasted or lost to domestic violence”.

Core Beliefs

  • Ø  We believe every life has value
  • Ø  We believe in the power of education to breaking the cycle of domestic and teen dating violence and sexual abuse
  • Ø  We believe in creating systems and programs that engage our youth as part of the solution to ending domestic violence
  • Ø  We believe by educating our youth and raising their awareness, we will begin to experience a shift toward a new mindset that breaks the cycle of domestic violence from the ground up. 

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