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Holman Community Development Corporation



 Holman Community Development Corporation

Helping Build A Better Los Angeles, One Community At A Time

Mission Statement The Holman Community Development Corporation (HCDC) helps to build a better Los Angeles one community at a time; serving as a vehicle for social change and economic growth in the Greater Los Angeles area. HCDC concentrates its efforts in employment and training, housing, education and senior programs.


HCDC strengthens neighborhoods by establishing relationships within the historic West Adams area and surrounding communities to promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life for all citizens. HCDC partners with local residents, business and government leaders to develop programs and initiatives that are socially responsive and effective.

Long-term Goals and Purpose:

Jobs for Kids -Summer Jobs for Youth Program OFK) is an employment and training program providing part-time employment opportunities for youth aged 14-18; employing 35-40 youth for 6-8 weeks during the summer. JFK works with 10th through 12th grade students and recent high school graduates to help them enter the "real world" with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, the workplace and in life.

The program collaborates with local non-profit, private businesses and governinental agencies to serve as jobsites which provide marketable, skills, adult mentoring and supervision. In addition, we conduct a weekly job skills training workshop, grooming them for a rewarding career and a better life.

Since 2003, the program has operated primarily through individual donations and corporate gifts. From 2005-2006, in response to the ongoing teen unemployment crisis, HCDC has created $120,000.00 in new jobs for neighborhood youth. Through JFK, HCDC has employed 70 at-risk youth, many from low-income, gang-related and foster. care environments and helped them to build a strong foundation of work ethics and discipline, and to develop a sense of pride and self-respect. It is our goal to provide direct employment and training services year-round through cooperative private and public partnerships, creating internship and/or apprenticeship opportunities for youth and adults.

After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) In 2007, HCDC is seeking to launch its After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) to provide children in grades 6-12 with literacy, math & science education programs, hands-on computer training, recreational sports and cultural arts enrichment activities such as music, dance and creative writing. We will conduct field trips that will expose them to events and experiences that will enlighten and broaden their horizons.

Music and Arts Academy (MAA) is anticipated to serve musically and artistically gifted children who participate in the ASEP. All children are exposed to music and arts in the ASEP. However, those who show and express a strong interest and natural ability will be offered specialized classes in music and the arts. The classes will provide instruction in instruments and singing. The art classes will focus on drawing, painting, sculpting and drama. The goal of the MAA is to supplement the ASEP as well as enhance their ability and chances of excelling in their future endeavors to become musicians and artists.

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) is being implemented in order to provide community residents with resources that will enable them to find and retain affordable housing. The purpose of the AHP is to provide residents with information and resOUrces regarding affordable housing that is not readily available to them. Many persons are facing numerous barriers and require assistance to navigate through the home buying process. HCDC will promote strong communities through home ownership and help low to moderate income persons to invest and take pride in their neighborhoods.

Weekly Programs for Senior Citizens (WPSC) is being designed to enrich the lives of senior citizens aged 55 and above in the community who in many cases are isolated and forgotten. Participants will be provided with myriad activities, including but not limited to arts and crafts, creative journaling, drama, music, dance and age-appropriate exercises. The WPSC will provide senior citizens with a nurturing environment as well as a support group that wil11ead to healthier and happier living .

Holman Community Development Corporation (HCDC)
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