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HLI America

Human Life International has been fighting the culture of Death around the world in over 100 Countries. This, however, is the first official designated program outreach in America. HLI America will bring Americans the truth about human life, the beauty of children and the devastating and harmful physical and spiritual effects of contraception in America.

The creation of HLI America highlights that both in our own personal lives and on the World stage “protecting life begins at home”.  As the grip of the culture of death becomes tighter on America, HLI America will take dead aim at exposing the connection between the use of contraception and the increased number of abortions.  Our mission will be focused on re-igniting in America the desire to protect every single life and the willingness to accept and embrace the children that God has intended for their marriage. As with all HLI initiatives, HLI America will advocate for the protection of life from before natural conception (i.e. not using abortifacients and other birth control) to natural death.

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