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Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC (HITS) or (Idlewild Tours)

Idlewild Tours is a blooming social enterprise that invests its profits right back into the community of Idlewild. As the leading program of HITS, Idlewild Tours aims to educate people about the history of Idlewild through tourism and events. 

This start up company stands upon ten years of research, development, and networking to provide a "Special Experience" of Idlewild for people of all ages. We coordinate and host family friendly, youth, and adult events including by not limited to: family reunions, organization retreats, couples get-a-ways, family and friends retreats, festivals, forums, and individual vacations in Idlewild. 

I am a PhD student deeply rooted and invested in my community. I began Idlewild Tours in 2005 discussing ideas with my best friend. One day, I went to the court house, choose a business name and paid $10, I was an Entreprenuer! I didn't know the first thing about it, but over the next ten years I went back to school to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Commmunity Studies, and a Master of Arts in Schools, Society, and Violence. I also researched Idlewild in various ways,  and gave tours to classrooms, groups, and individuals during my studies. Now I am pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies, focusing on Community Education. 

Idlewild has fueled my passion, interest, and motivation to get a meaningful education. 

Historical Idlewild Tours and Services, LLC. is the begining of a self-sustaining journey of "Education for One is Education for All." I intend to transition the company into a non-profit organization with a for-profit self-sustaining revenue generator, in which both drive a social mission of community empowerment and personal development. 

Register for our Free and Ticketed events and come experience the love and peace of Idlewild, Michigan. 

Thanks for joining the Idlewild Family! 

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