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Helping Other People Endure, LLC. (Jackie McCann, Founder and CEO.)

Helping Other People Endure, LLC. is a Christian and God Focused Limited Liability Company that host routine sessions for attendees, by invitation. Often we provide a complementary dinner while attendees listen to encourging speakers and receive meaningful information. Attendees typically tend to be parents of young adults, and/or young adults themselves-all interested in better enduring life's many challenges. 

Mission Statement:

To reach out to parents, families and individuals offering H.O.P.E. by encouragement, networking, and information sharing with a focus on spirituality and well being all through our love for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We celebrate the joy and privilege of honoring and serving God by helping others and showcasing His given talents and blessings for adults and young adult, to better enjoy life to the fullest  - through song, dance, travel, photography, sports, a good book, a great movie, dinning out and enjoying delicious food, and my favorite, a good cup of coffee or tea!

We are very excited to have your attend our Annual Holiday Fundraising Event! It's going to be Amazing!

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